I’m exposed to the three dimensions of a business – Technology, Management, Legal

Interested in Cyberlaw, Cyberforensics, Arbitration and related fields.

Started as a Software Developer, Management (Certification Course at IIMB),then Law (Law Course) .

About Me

My name is Jagannathan Asokan.

A Computer Engineer, Management Grad and Law Graduate (Programmer, Design/Architecture, Deployment, Support)
An aspiring Cyber Security/Forensics, Polyglot professional with programming background (Coding Architect) having more than 20 years of experience. Have exposure to Enterprise Product Development, Custom Application Development, SAAS
Started with C, C++, X-Windows, Motif. Working on Java and related technologies for very long time. Have exposure to VC++, .Net world as well.
Work(ed/ing) with Architects as part of Architecture team(s) (involved in Productivity tools, Code Quality, Performance, Security Improvements etc.,)
Involved in large scale Agile transformations.
Having experience working for Large Companies, Start-ups.

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